Leaping for Leap Day!

So today is Leap Day, that extra day of the year that happens every four years. And even with that extra day, February is still the shortest month of the year. I guess that makes those of us who were born in February even more special, because it was a harder target to hit, right?

It is interesting that Leap Day always falls in a presidential election year, too. Because don’t we all need one more day of television ads, robocalls, mail flyers, internet ads, news stories, and whatever else the elections bring? How would we make it with one day less of that?

I know all those who were born on February 29 must be grateful to have a birthday again this year, too. It must be hard not having a day for celebration for three of every four years. If that were me, I would just make the whole month one long party. Or even better, make March a big month-long party. After all, it is a longer month, so you would get more party that way.

To me, it is still confusing having to remember if this is one of those years where February has 29 days instead of the usual 28. Maybe we could do something to make it a little more simple. And at the same time, something to make the change from the normal even more noteworthy.

Here is my idea: Instead of having one extra day every four years, we could save up all those extra days until we have 30 of them. And then we could have one whole extra month! We could celebrate it in the summer, because an extra month of summer would be just perfect. Except for those in summer school, of course.

And what would we name the extra month? Some of the months are named after planets. So maybe we could name the extra month Plutonium after Pluto. You know, to make up for Pluto suffering the shame of losing its planetary status. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be a trademark infringement lawsuit from the other Plutonium - the one that is on the periodic table of the elements. But because you probably forgot Plutonium was even an element until I mentioned it, maybe the element Plutonium will like the extra publicity it gets and just be happy with the whole thing.

That plan does have some drawbacks, however. If we save up 30 of our extra days, that would mean that there were 120 years from one Plutonium year to the next. So some people might not get to participate in Plutonium, unless they live a really, really long time. But that would make it even more special for those of us who do get to enjoy it.

But until Plutonium (the extra month, not the element) becomes a reality, enjoy Leap Day. Just don’t hurt yourself from all that leaping.

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