Laura's School Program 2019

Introducing the Director

Laura’s school program for 2019

Laura now has another school program behind her. And as usual, it was wonderful!

This year’s program theme was “Wild!” Each of the 150+ students had an animal part to play, and so each student had an animal mask that the student had colored. On the backside of the mask was a lion mask, because the school mascot is a lion. Lions figured into some of the songs, too.

In the photo above, Laura shows off her lion mask, although she did not have a separate animal on the other side. She did not need the second animal since most of the time she was facing the students and not the audience. There was so much activity before the show and a lot of cleaning up after the show so that the high school kids could have the rehearsal for The Sound of Music. Because of that, I forgot to get a photo of Laura on the stage. So we took this one in her room after everything had settled down some.

And Now, Your Show

During the program, I was up in the balcony manning a couple of cameras. From that vantage point, I had a good overall view of everything that was going on. So here are a few photos that I captured when I could. As you will see, it was wild! But in a good way.

Laura’s school program for 2019

As they were coming in, the students sang the song “Lions” by Skillet. Whenever they would come to the line “We walk as lions,” they would all hold up their lion masks. It was really cool that each mask was individual, just like the student behind it. Also, you can see Laura in the middle at the bottom of the photo.

Laura’s school program for 2019

As they told the story for the program, based on the children’s books The Lion Who Wanted to Love and A Rumble in the Jungle, each student had a line to speak. I thought it was quite clever that Prowler, the school’s lion mascot, held the microphone for each student to speak into. That beats a microphone stand any day.

Laura’s school program for 2019

During one part of the program, the older students played recorders, xylophones, glockenspiels, and rhythm instruments to perform “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” It was wonderful! Their teacher has really taught them well. And I am definitely a proud husband. At other times during the program, several of the students played bucket drums, which as you can see are just five-gallon plastic buckets played with drumsticks. They were great, too, adding some jungle rhythms to the program.

Laura’s school program for 2019

It was a wonderful program, involving students from kindergarten all the way up through 5th grade. Afterward, Laura got lots of well-deserved compliments from both parents and faculty.

Of course, school programs like that take lots of work and require lots of time. Needless to say, Laura was relieved when it was over. But all of that hard work paid off quite well!

By the way, here is a look back at last year’s school program, if you want to see it, too.

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