Laura's birthday!

Today, April 12, is the birthday of my lovely wife, Laura!

I won’t tell you how old she is, although she really isn’t that sensitive about her age. If you know how old I am, just subtract two from that.

I’m glad she is in my life, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. Of course, I wasn’t there when she was born. I didn’t really meet her until about twelve years after that. And then we started dating about four years later. And the rest is history. Except that we aren’t really old enough to be considered history yet, I hope, so let’s just say that the rest is easy to figure out.

If you know her, be sure to tell her happy birthday today - call, text, email, whatever else. I’m sure she would appreciate it!

I’m glad Laura has a birthday, but I’m even more glad that she’s my wife. And I hope we have many, many more years together.