Laura on Pirate Night on the Disney Cruise

Laura on Pirate Night on the Disney Cruise

Laura was dressed in her Pirate Mickey Mouse ears for Pirate Night on the Disney Dream, one of the ships of the Disney Cruise Line.

Some people seem to really go overboard (well, not literally) for Pirate Night on the Disney cruises. We have seen full pirate costumes, and some kids were dressed up, too. Yes, those were adults who have gone all out in their pirate garb. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have to pack that much more, because a costume like that can’t be something small. I might be able to squeeze a few more things in my suitcase, but I really don’t want to try.

For my Pirate Night outfit, I’m content with just my Pirates in the Caribbean Mickey Mouse t-shirt, just like what Laura has on here, and the bandanna that they leave in your room. Laura chooses to accessorize with her Pirate Mickey ears, which she always makes room for in her suitcase, since they take up much less room than a full pirate costume. As you can see, the ears have touches of Captain Jack Sparrow to them, and Laura always gets compliments on them when she wears them.

So it may not appear that we get into the Pirate Night spirit as much as some people, but we do still enjoy it. Except that we don’t stay around too long for the dancing and music after the fireworks. We will leave that for other people to enjoy.

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About the photo:
I was interested in trying some new processing techniques I had read about for photographs (new to me, but not necessarily new), and I randomly picked this photo to test them on. And I think it turned out perfectly. I say this often, but I think this may be my new favorite photo of Laura. Of course, it helps to have a lovely subject to work with. When I took the photo, there was nothing fancy involved, such as special lighting or anything. I just used the available light, which was the sun barely coming through the clouds. For processing, I used a bit of a high-key effect by adjusting the highlights up and the dark areas down using the color curves. I also turned the noise reduction and sharpening way up to give the photo a smooth look while still retaining the sharp edges. And I turned the clarity slider up a good bit more than usual, too. All of that was done in Adobe Camera RAW, before I ever got the photo into Photoshop, and then I fine tuned it there.
A single RAW exposure, processed in Photoshop. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10
Lens: Olympus M.Zukio 25mm f1.8

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