Laura, Lagoona Gator, and Labor Day

Strike a Pose

Laura and Lagoona Gator at Typhoon Lagoon in Walt Disney World

Laura strikes a pose with Lagoona Gator at Typhoon Lagoon, one of the water parks at Walt Disney World. Of course, this is not the real Lagoona Gator, but rather a statue of Typhoon Lagoon’s mascot. I understand that they did have a walkaround character of Lagoona Gator greeting guests at Typhoon Lagoon for a while, but he hasn’t been around in several years.

At first, Typhoon Lagoon did not have a mascot. That all changed when Blizzard Beach, another Walt Disney World water park, opened with its mascot Ice Gator. Because of Ice Gator’s popularity on merchandise and such, a similar character was created for Typhoon Lagoon. Because increased merchandise sales are what Disney executives dream and fantasize about, after all.

So even though you don’t see Lagoona Gator in person all that much, it is still pretty neat to see him in statue form.

A Day of Labor

This weekend brings the Labor Day holiday in the United States. And football. Because college football starts this weekend as well. Which one is more important? At our house it is hard to tell.

Anyway, it is interesting that we have a holiday all about laboring. Because after all, laboring is what we do all the time. Work is hard work at times, and labor definitely takes some labor. So we have a holiday to rest from all of that. And for all those students who have just started back to school, any holiday is a welcome one, too.

Except that our Labor Day holiday usually involves laboring around the house. Cutting grass, cleaning up the yard, doing some repairs, washing cars, or some other such labor. While we are getting a holiday from our normal labors, we make up for it with other labors. I am really not complaining, because it is always nice to have a break from the usual routine when you can get one. But that labor usually starts later than our normal workday labors, because we get to sleep in. That’s an added bonus to the day.

So while in some ways Labor Day seems like a pretty pointless holiday, you probably won’t hear many people complaining about it at all. Especially around our house.

And if you do want to complain about it, don’t call our house too early. Because we won’t be getting up early.

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