Laura by the Lake - 2 for 1

Laura enjoys some time in the sun by Kentucky Lake at Paris Landing State Park. Read all about it at Burnsland.

Laura enjoys some time in the sun by Kentucky Lake at Paris Landing State Park. We were there for the annual Bartlett Woods Church of Christ Married Couples Retreat, and we were happy to have a little time to go out by the lake. Fortunately, it was warmer this year than last year, so that the lake wasn’t frozen this time.

And since this is a 2 for 1 post, here is another photo of Laura on the same dock, but looking in the opposite direction:

Laura by the Lake-1200

Once again, you can see that it was a lovely day out. And we didn’t even have to wear coats while we were out there. However, we were happy to be in the sun and not in the shade, because the wind coming off of the lake was rather cool. Not cool enough for a coat, but just cool enough to make you appreciate the sun all the more. I couldn’t decide which view I liked better, so I though I would just include them both, since I already have you here as a captive audience.

This was our fourth annual marriage retreat, I believe. And it if wasn’t the fourth, then it is a good thing it was a marriage retreat and not a math retreat. Because I would have been kicked out. Do they really have math retreats? And if they do, do people actually go on those? Do they just sit around and add all the time, or do they divide up into groups? Sorry. Math jokes aren’t that easy to come up with, as you can see.

Anyway, we were talking with some of the other couples there about how people automatically assume that you are having some sort of relationship issues when you go on a marriage retreat. At least one person was asked, “Is everything okay between you two?” And others refuse to go on such retreats because they say their marriage is fine.

But marriage retreats aren’t just for those who are having marriage problems. Ours (at least) are for anyone looking to strengthen their marriages, because there is no such thing as a perfect marriage (gasp!), and so there is always room to make a great marriage even better. And if you are really serious about that, you won’t care what other people think about the status of your marriage, or think that there is no way your marriage could be better.

And besides, since our retreat is just for adults, it gives everyone a nice little break from their children for one night, too. Children are great, but it is good to just be adults for a while and maybe remember why you got married back before you had children. Just in case you forgot with all the hectic stuff going on in a normal day.

If you ever have the chance to go on a marriage retreat, I highly recommend it. Your marriage will thank you later!

Let your fountain be blessed, and take pleasure in the wife of your youth. - Proverbs 5:18

About the photo: Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Photoshop. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips. Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Lens: Olympus M.Zukio 25mm f1.8 Date: February 27, 2016 Location: Paris Landing State Park, Kentucky Lake, Tennessee

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