Laura at the Beach / Hey, It's Good...

Laura at the Beach

No, we didn’t just get back from a beach vacation. This is from our trip last summer to Cocoa Beach, Florida. We were sort of celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary, which was the week before our trip, and sort of just enjoying getting away from everything.

It looks here like we really did get away from everything because the beach looks to be empty. But this was actually in the early evening, when most of the beachgoers had gone back to their hotel rooms, or wherever else they go at night. And because it was getting dark, I had to do a good bit of editing to the picture to make it look light enough.

This does bring back memories of good times!

Laura at Cocoa Beach, Florida

Hey, Itʻs Good…

This morning, I turned out of the driveway heading to work for the day. There was a heavy fog out, which always gives things a different look, and really almost creates a different atmosphere. John Denver was singing on the radio in the car. Actually, he was singing on my iPod, which was plugged into the car stereo system. Anyway…

I hadn’t driven very far at all, just past the neighbor’s drive to a heavily wooded section of the road. And then through the fog, I could see a deer jump out of the woods not too far ahead. It went out into the street, and I could see it was a large buck with some nice-sized antlers, just standing there in front of me. He looked my way, and then he quickly jumped back into the trees, disappearing in the growth and the fog almost instantly.

As I was contemplating this idyllic scene, John Denver reached his chorus. “Hey, it’s good to be back home again.” Which would have been greatly poetic if I had been just getting home instead of just leaving.

Oh well. I’m sure the deer won’t be there. But I’m looking forward to being back home again tonight.