Laura and Cinderella Castle in 1996

The Old Days

Laura stands on the Tomorrowland bridge with Cinderella Castle in the background at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World from 1996.

Laura stands on the Tomorrowland bridge with Cinderella Castle in the background at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World from 1996.

This is continuing the old photos that I have been scanning in with the negative scanner that Laura gave me for Christmas. These are fun to find!

As I stated above, I believe this photo is from the summer of 1996. As you will notice, Cinderella Castle in the background looks rather normal, compared with how it looked in October of that same year. And as I recall, they pulled off that transformation rather quickly, starting right after our summer visit. So I am sticking with the June 1996 date for this one.

Departed Items

There are a few things of note in the background that are no longer there in the Magic Kingdom. The most obvious one is the old Swan Boat dock at the edge of the water. The Swan Boats had been removed before my first visit in 1983, so I never got to see those in person. But the dock remained in place for several years. They had tables and chairs set up to have it as a covered seating area. We would occasionally walk down there to enjoy the view of Tomorrowland from the dock, or just to enjoy the shade for a minute or two. Also, the path going to the dock was lined in rose bushes, making it a beautiful walking path. But in the last several years, the dock and the path to it were removed. That makes this photo a reminder of those old days.

Also of note, if you look above the Swan Boat dock, right above the blue roof above it, you can see one of the Skyway poles. The Skyway was still in operation at that time, as it did not close until 1999. But in this photo it does not look like any Skyway buckets were out on the line at that time.

One of the things I love about these old photos is looking at them closely to see what all might have changed since that time!

About the Photo

This was obviously another scanned negative because digital cameras were not readily available in 1996. In fact, we did not even have cell phones back then. And the few cell phones that were around could not even take photos, either. Ah, the advances of modern technology!

Also, this does not have anything to do with the photo itself, but I felt like sharing. This post was originally scheduled for the previous week. And I was almost finished with it when the power went out due to the ice storm we received. Fortunately, the auto-save function had saved what I had done before the power left us hanging. So the post got delayed a week because for whatever reason I like posting these old photos on Fridays.

Photo: A scanned negative
Camera: Pentax K1000
Lens: 35mm
_Date: June 199_6
Location: Magic KingdomWalt Disney WorldFlorida

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