Kanopolis Railroad Depot in Kansas

The previous post from our October 2022 visit to Kansas and Missouri about the Fort Harker Guardhouse in Kanopolis, Kansas, ended with a bit of a cliffhanger about the building next door. So for those of you who have been hanging onto that cliff, here it is - the Kanopolis Railroad Depot.

The Depot

The Kanopolis Railroad Depot in Kanopolis, Kansas

This is the view of the Kanopolis Railroad Depot that you can get from the second level of the Fort Harker Guardhouse, as seen during the previous post. It is quite a view from up there, isn’t it? But the railroad depot also looks nice from ground level.

The Kanopolis Railroad Depot in Kanopolis, Kansas

The Kanopolis Railroad Depot was built by the Union Pacific Railroad Company in 1905, but not in this location. It was moved here sometime later on, and along with the Fort Harker buildings, the depot is overseen by the Ellsworth Historical Society, which also oversees the historical buildings in Ellsworth, obviously.

Bay window at the Kanopolis Railroad Depot in Kanopolis, Kansas

Most railroad depots from this era had bay windows that faced the railroad tracks. That was so that someone in the office could look up and down the tracks without having to go outside. If you look back at the previous photos up above, you might notice that something is missing - railroad tracks! That is a good indication that this station has been moved. The sidewalk you can see in those photos is close to where the tracks would have been in relation to the station.

The Kanopolis Railroad Depot and Fort Harker Guardhouse in Kanopolis, Kansas

In this photo, you can see the Kanopolis Railroad Depot and the Fort Harker Guardhouse together. Even though they were not this close back in the old days, it was fun to be able to see both of these historic buildings together in one place.

Exploring Is Fun!

Laura at the Kanopolis Railroad Depot in Kanopolis, Kansas

My exploring partner (that would be Laura) and I had fun checking out all of these historic buildings, as well as the other fun things that we saw in Kansas and Missouri during this trip. We have lots of fun seeing things like this, if you have not guessed.

One important part of a successful marriage is doing things together that you both enjoy. While we might not like exactly the same things all the time, we have found things that we do enjoy doing together. And the best part of it is doing things together. I like seeing railroad depots, but it would not be nearly as fun to see them just by myself. It is much better when it is the two of us together.

Find someone you enjoy doing things with, find things you enjoy doing together, and then make time to do them. That is how a marriage relationship grows.

The one who has found a good wife has found what goodness is, and obtained a delightful gift from the Lord. - Proverbs 18:22

About the Photos

I could write the same paragraph here that I wrote at the end of the Fort Harker Guardhouse. Because these photos are more of the same. In fact, I processed them at the same time as the Fort Harker photos. That would explain why they look similar, wouldn’t it?

Photo: Each photo is a single Raw exposure, processed in GIMP and Raw Therapee. Read more about photography tips, photo software, camera gear, and more at Steve’s Photography Tips.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Rokinon 35mm f/1.8
Date: October 9, 2022
Location: Kanopolis, Kansas

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