Juke Joint on Beale Street / What Happened to Email?

Juke Joint on Beale Street

A Juke Joint is an establishment devoted to music and dancing, most likely blues or jazz. Pictured here is the Blues Hall Juke Joint, offering Delta Blues, on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

Beale Street is known for its music, of course, and is considered to be both the “Home of the Blues” and the “Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll.” There are all types of musical establishments up and down the street, and this is just one of them.

I’m sure the atmosphere is much different here at night than it was on this early Saturday morning. But the Saturday morning crowd is much more my type.

Juke Joint on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee

Photo location: Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee
A three exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

What Happened to Email?

Remember just a few years ago when email was a prime form of communication? When everyone used email and everyone checked it regularly? Of course, “everyone” is a bit of a general term, as not quite everyone was doing it, but it seemed like a lot of people were.

These days, however, email isn’t quite as reliable. People don’t check their email addresses like they used to. Which makes communication just a little more difficult at times.

Not too many years ago, we were able to use email to quickly communicate with most all of our teens in the church youth group. We had an email list, where one email would go out to everyone on the list. It was effective, and most all of the teens checked for new messages quite regularly.

But then a couple of months ago, we were updating all of our contact information for the current group of teens, and they had a contact sheet to fill out. Most all of them do still have an email address. But then they were asked how often they checked it, and the answers generally ranged from almost never to once or twice a week.

These days, email has been replaced by such things as Facebook, Twitter, and text messages. All of which I use, by the way. But if you are wanting to contact someone, it is hard to know which method to use to get to them the quickest. For some people, a Facebook message works great. For others, a text message gets a quick reply. And others don’t seem to reply to much of anything.

In just another sign that I am starting to be “old fashioned,” I still check my email quite regularly. Or rather it is checked regularly for me by my computer and my phone, and I am usually alerted pretty quickly if I have a message waiting. I even get emails to let me know if I have a message on Facebook or Twitter. Or if someone has left a comment on a blog post here.

But email isn’t what it used to be. So when something better comes along, would you please send me an email to let me know?