Jetty Park in Florida

Jetty Park in Florida

Here is a great look out over Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This view was from the Disney Dream as our cruise with the Disney Cruise Line was just beginning. The view also helps to show just how high up you are when you are on the upper decks of one the Disney cruise ships. It’s a long way down there - just look at how small those people look!

Jetty Park obviously gets its name from the long jetty that runs along and past the end of the park. And it is also a good place to watch the ships leave as they pass through the canal and out into the Atlantic Ocean. However, standing there watching the ships can make you slightly blue because you aren’t on one of those ships, so be forewarned if you decide to go there.

We did visit Jetty Park once, way back in 2010. Who knew that we would get to the point where 2010 was “way back?” But anyway. The park was really nice, and the beach was particularly nice. We enjoyed walking down the jetty, although I think I enjoyed that slightly more than Laura did.

But my main complaint about Jetty Park was the price. At the time at least, it was $10 to park for the day, which to me seemed a bit much. Especially when we found that we could park at Lori Wilson Park down in Cocoa Beach for free.

However, while you can see the cruise ships from Lori Wilson Park way off in the distance, Jetty Park puts you right there beside them. In the top photo, see that point where the beach line meets the horizon? That’s probably where Lori Wilson Park is. So if seeing the ships pass by is your thing, Jetty Park is definitely the place to be. If saving $10 a day is your thing, you might want to go somewhere else.

Jetty Park is a beautiful place, though. So it might be worth at least one visit.

Others went to sea in ships, conducting trade on the vast waters. They saw the Lord’s works, His wonderful works in the deep. - Psalm 107:23-24

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Camera: Canon EOS 60D
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