Jaylin's Room / The Kung Fu Kid?

Jaylin’s Room

Over the Christmas break, we painted Jaylin’s room. When the house was built, all the walls in all the rooms were a light pink color. So now, after all these years, Jaylin no longer has a pink room. I thought this brown color turned out nice.

If you look close, you can probably pick out several different themes of the things that he likes. And yes, it has actually stayed that neat since we painted it. He actually does quite well with not leaving things out everywhere.

Click for a larger view

Photo location: Our house, Williston, Tennessee

A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

The Kung Fu Kid?

We watched the new “The Karate Kid ” movie the other day. Pretty good, actually. However, I can just imagine the conversation between the movie producers and studio executives went something like this:

“I have an idea - let’s do a remake of ‘The Karate Kid !’”

“That’s a great idea! It’s been around 25 years since the original. But everyone loved the original, so there’s some built-in name recognition there. And remakes are doing pretty well these days.”

“Here’s an even better idea - let’s get Jackie Chan to play Mr. Miyagi!”

“I love it! But wait, Jackie Chan is from China. Actually, from Hong Kong. I don’t think he would want to play a Japanese character.”

“Okay, so we will have it set in China instead of Japan. Lots of great scenery there in China.”

“But wait a minute, karate is from Japan. I don’t think they practice karate in China.”

“No problem at all - we will just substitute kung fu for karate.”

“But then if we have kung fu instead of karate, what will we call the movie?”

“Why, we’ll call it ‘The Karate Kid,’ of course!”

Makes sense to me.