Jaylin's Ride

This past Saturday, our church held its annual motorcycle ride to benefit Agape Child and Family Services. As you may know, Jaylin is an Agape kid himself. We don’t have a motorcycle, so we don’t ride, but we do help out by manning one of the stops to give out water bottles and door prize tickets, and then we join everyone else back at the church building for lunch.

Sometimes after lunch, some of the riders will offer the kids (and sometimes, some of the big kids) a ride. Jaylin had already mentioned to us that he liked this red, white, and blue motorcycle, so when Eric asked if Jaylin would like to ride, of course he said yes. Eric even let him wear his helmet and vest.

As you can tell by his smile, Jaylin loved it. It wasn’t his first time to get to ride, but you couldn’t tell that by how much he was enjoying it.

Thanks again to Eric for giving Jaylin a ride!

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