Jaylin Takes a Picture / Making Memories

Jaylin Takes a Picture

Jaylin has developed an interest in photography. At least at times. When we see something particularly interesting, he asks if he can take a picture of it. Of course, that usually involves borrowing Laura’s camera, because we aren’t quite sure he is ready to keep up with a camera of his own. Maybe one of these days.

I would imagine he got this from seeing it modeled in his own family. Because at least one of us seems to always be taking pictures when we are out on trips. We won’t say who that is.

Here, Jaylin gets some pointers from Laura while taking a picture of the Characters in Flight balloon at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World.

Jaylin takes a photo at Walt Disney World

Photo location: Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Making Memories

As Jaylin has started to want to take more pictures, I have wondered on occasion why I like to take pictures.

Of course, one reason I like to take pictures is to be able to share them here on the blog and elsewhere on the internet. I’m not all that good with other types of art, but I think I can produce a pretty good and somewhat interesting photograph. Maybe that comes from pride, or maybe that comes from wanting someone to say, “That’s pretty neat!”

And probably one reason that I got started taking pictures in the first place was that a  friend of mine in high school also had a camera, and I thought it looked like it was something interesting to do, as well as something I might enjoy. Thank you, Jeff Montgomery.

But maybe the real reason I like taking pictures, and the reason I got started in the first place, was because of the memories. I can remember looking at pictures from places we had been and things we had done and remembering those good times. And I have looked at pictures before and remembered something from what I saw in the picture that I wouldn’t have remembered otherwise.

So now I can look back at pictures of family vacations, high school band trips, church events, and whatever else, and remember even better what was happening. Or who was there. Or I can see someone that I had forgotten about. Or someone who is no longer with us. And I really appreciate the help from the pictures in remembering those memories.

Pictures are cool! And the memories they help preserve are even better!

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