Jaylin on a Motorcycle / Good Pirates Music

Jaylin on a Motorcycle

Last weekend at the Ride for AGAPE, Jaylin managed to borrow a motorcycle for his picture. Actually, one of the riders said, “Hey Jaylin, come have your picture taken on my bike!” Jaylin wasn’t too reluctant to go climb on.

Of course, I had my camera ready. And Jaylin has gotten pretty good about being still through the three exposures required for an HDR shot such as this. I thought it turned out really well. And Jaylin is already talking about getting a motorcycle when he grows up.

Jaylin on a motorcycle

Photo location: Bartlett Woods Church of Christ, Arlington, Tennessee
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Good Pirates Music

Yesterday, the soundtrack to the latest Pirates movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” was released, and of course I couldn’t wait to get it. Except that I did have to wait until it was released. Pirating music isn’t cool, after all. So since yesterday, I have been listening to the soundtrack. And to me, it is quite good.

There are several themes from the previous Pirates movies repeated here, of course, most notably Jack Sparrow’s theme. And those repeated themes add a sense of familiarity.

But then this new score also has some different elements. The most notable addition is the Spanish guitar sound, contributed by guitarists Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their guitars add a different atmosphere to the sound, in keeping with the theme of the movie. So it is similar, yet different.

Also included are several remixes of the different tracks. These are quite well done, and they end up sounding somewhat similar to the “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack, which I also enjoyed.

Hans Zimmer has become one of my favorite soundtrack composers over the last few years. His scores always seem to have a unique sound to them which makes them exciting to listen to. Often, they are entertaining even if you haven’t seen the movie yet. But then when you do see the movie, the music seems to fit right in, too.

At our house, we have enjoyed the past three Pirates movies very much, and we are looking forward to this newest one. And judging by the music, we won’t be disappointed.

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