Jaylin and the Bible Ceremony

This past Friday was Harding Academy’s annual Bible Ceremony, where each of the new 7th graders are presented with a new Bible, thanks to an endowment from the family of Gaylon and Deanna Smith. Since Jaylin is in 7th grade this year, he was a recipient of a Bible, and Laura and I were able to attend the ceremony.

As was stated during the service, the ceremony somewhat mirrors the graduation ceremony that they will experience a few years later. For example, the students cross the stage from left to right, and at graduation they will cross from right to left. Here is Jaylin getting his Bible from Mr. Williamson, the school president. Sorry for the slight blurriness - we were way at the back of the auditorium.

Here are Laura and Jaylin right after the ceremony ended:

And here are the three of us a few minutes later:

We couldn’t seem to get Jaylin to hold his Bible up so that you can actually see it in a photo, but it does have both the school logo and his name on the front of the Bible. It is a very nice gift, and as was also said during the ceremony, it shows the commitment of the school to the Bible, and even more importantly to the God that is in the Bible.

Thank you to Harding Academy for being such a great place for our children!

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