Isn't that Pinteresting?

You hear all kinds of jokes these days about Pinterest. You know, the website where you pin things to boards. Evidently, it is a website overrun by women. Or so they say. Not that there is anything wrong with women, of course. I happen to like them just fine. Don’t want to get myself in hot water there or be branded as some sort of sexist.

I haven’t really gotten the point (No pun intended. Well, maybe a little pun.) of Pinterest. You pin things to boards, obviously. And then other people can pin them to their boards. Or you can pin things on their boards to your boards. I think I got it. Unless there is some deeper, more hidden meaning about getting past the unending superficiality of the duality between pins and their points. Which for some reason reminds me of elementary school, when some kid put a thumbtack in a girl’s seat. She saw it before she got the point. And he got the point of the paddling after that.

But anyway, in past looks at Pinterest, it has always seemed like a big, jumbled mess. Just a whole bunch of stuff out there competing for my attention. Without any sort of order at all. More than my simple little brain can handle.

Not too long ago, however, I heard that it might be a good place to share photos. And if you have looked around here, you know how I like photos, and how I like to share them, so that more people can see them.

So I gave in and thought I would give Pinterest at try, after all.

As it turns out, I am not the only guy out there. And I am hopefully not the only person who isn’t looking for the latest recipe for chocolate dipped pork chops, or the latest ideas for redecorating your spare room as a giraffe sanctuary. Or whatever.

If you would like to follow me there, you can find me at Pretty original name, huh?

I am still not quite sure if I get it or not, but I’m sticking around for a while, hoping a few people here and there might like my photos. And that I might see some from others that I like, too.