Heavener Football Complex / Bad Weather

Heavener Football Complex

As I was looking through photos from our Florida trip last summer, I came across this photo of the Heavener Football Complex. We had stopped by the University of Florida pretty much on a whim as we made our way south.

We enjoyed seeing some of the sights around the campus. We shopped in the bookstore, and we walked through Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, also known as The Swamp. It was a fun diversion during our long drive. And chances are good that we might stop by there again sometime.

Heavener Football Complex at the University of Florida in Gainesville

Photo location: The University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
A three-exposure (-2, 0, +2) HDR tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in GIMP

Bad Weather

They say that more bad weather is on the way here. For this afternoon and evening, we are in the “moderate” risk area for strong thunderstorms and even possibly tornadoes. I do take a little comfort in the fact that the “slight” risk area isn’t that far away, instead of our area being right in the middle of the “moderate” zone. Maybe that’s a good thing.

It seems like there has been quite a bit of severe weather this spring. We have had our share of storms and warnings about storms here over the last few months. And then there have been the major tornadoes in Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, and Oklahoma over the last few weeks as well. While it is easy to think, “At least that wasn’t here,” I know there are many people out there suffering because of these storms.

I do wonder why we have been having all of this severe weather. I’ve heard it blamed on the earthquake in Japan knocking the earth off its axis slightly, which messed up all the weather systems. And then there is the old standby excuse of global warming as well. Or maybe there isn’t even really a reason behind it.

So it looks like we have another fun day of watching the weather watches and warnings, and keeping an ear open for the weather radio and its shrill, high-pitched sounds, followed by the familiar computerized voice which doesn’t always say things quite the right way. And hoping he isn’t saying anything bad is headed our way, but being ready if he does.

Because being safe is never a bad idea.

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