Heat or no heat

Yesterday at the office, our heat wasn’t working. Which was a problem.

It wouldn’t have been a problem if the heat hadn’t worked a couple of weeks ago, back when the highs were in the upper 80s and the lows were in the 60s. No heat was needed on those days. And in the afternoons, our usually cold office even felt pretty good.

However, the temperatures have returned to normal over the last few days, which means highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. Which means that it is a little cool in the mornings, extending on into the early hours of the work day. Which means that the office is cold.

To make matters worse, the thermostat thought that the heat was working. So it just kept the fan blowing, thinking it was blowing warm air. But the air wasn’t warm. In fact, it was cold. And it just kept blowing and blowing, until we finally turned the thermostat down so that it didn’t think it needed to run the unit at all.

Fortunately, I keep a small electric heater here, because it often gets cold in the winter, even when the heat is working normally. But we don’t usually need it that heater in April. This was a special case, though, and the heater was quite handy.

Someone was up working on the unit on the roof yesterday. The only downside to that was that whoever was up there was smoking, evidently while standing right by the fresh air intake. Nothing like the office smelling like cigarette smoke all of a sudden.

So hopefully things will be back to normal now. Or hopefully the temperatures outside will warm up again so that we don’t need the heat.

Come to think of it, the heat may not have been working for a while, and we just didn’t know it because we just didn’t need it.

Funny how no one cares if something works until it is needed.

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