Haunted House?

Haunted House?

Okay, so this house isn’t really haunted. I just thought that would be a good title to tie it in with Halloween, because that holiday is almost here.

At least I hope this house isn’t haunted, because that is where we live. And we haven’t seen any haunts around for the entire time that we have been there. So I’m going to go with the fact that it isn’t haunted. But in this photo, it does look slightly spooky with the light rays from our front yard light shining through the light mist. We really are thankful for that light in the front yard, because there aren’t any streetlights anywhere around. So maybe that light helps to keep the haunts away.

I had been wanting to try some night photos of our house for a while, and a few weeks ago I thought the mist would add some atmosphere to the photo. As it turns out, you can’t see the mist quite as well here as you could in person, but I still liked how the photo turned out.

Getting back to Halloween for a minute, why do we even bother calling Halloween a holiday? All it is good for any more is for stores to sell candy and costumes, for television to show scary (or just stupid) movies, and for kids to go around wearing the aforementioned costumes while asking for the aforementioned candy.

If Halloween is a holiday, why don’t we get off work for it? Probably because if we were off work for the whole day of Halloween, we would end up eating all the candy in the house before the first trick-or-treater ever came to the door. Or at least I would.

That sounds like a pretty good holiday. Although I would probably end up paying for it later.

A discerning son heeds instruction, but a companion of gluttons disgraces his father. - Proverbs 28:7

About the photo:
A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS-M
Lens: Canon EF-M 18-55mm

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