Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

And don’t forget - Memorial Day isn’t just so that every store under the sun can have a sale. Although they all do. I saw one add that said something like, “Remember MEMORIAL DAY is about honoring those who served SAVE 10%!” They got everything in there, but you could also tell what was the important part to them.

And Memorial Day isn’t just about having a cookout and a picnic by the pool. Although that can be nice, too.

And Memorial Day isn’t just about having a day off of work. Although I don’t think anyone would complain about that.

And Memorial Day isn’t just about each cable channel showing a marathon of 45 episodes of the show that you don’t want to watch anyway.

Memorial Day is about honoring those who have died in military service. When reading about how many people have died fighting in wars, I am always amazed and thankful that both of my grandfathers returned home after World War II, but I know that not everyone did.

Remember those who sacrificed to make us what we are today!

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