Happy Adoption Day!

We never knew that June 27 would be an important day for us. But as it turns out, it is. That is because on June 27, 2005, Jaylin became a permanent part of our family, making it Adoption Day.

On that day, we got up early and headed all the way to downtown Memphis, to the courthouse there. Several of our friends and family were there, and the judge did his judge stuff to make Jaylin’s adoption all official.

Of course, by that time Jaylin had really already become a part of our family, because he had lived with us for two years. But a judge has to make it all “legal” and such, so on that day he officially became a Burns.

So every year on June 27, we try to do something to make a big deal out of it, because it is an important day to us, even though it was only a formality. After all, that is the day our family became even more of a family.

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