Grand Opening

This past Saturday, a new Tractor Supply Company store opened in Somerville, Tennessee, which is not that far from our home. However, it apparently should have opened sooner. We had gone by there the Saturday before to see if it had opened, which it hadn’t. But in the minute or so that it took us to drive through the parking lot to read the sign on the door to find out the actual opening date, three other cars did the same thing. Everyone was apparently ready for it to open.

Finding that we needed to make a trip to town anyway, we dropped by the new TSC store again, because it was actually open this time. There were quite a few people in there looking around at everything. But some of them seemed to be a little too well dressed for the typical TSC crowd. I would guess that some people just came to see a new store, because Somerville isn’t exactly the kind of town where something new is opening all the time. But we shop at TSC anyway, and it will be nice to have one closer to our home.

They apparently didn’t have any kind of grand opening celebration. Or maybe they are putting it off a few weeks to make sure everything is going right. Not that we need any kind of big celebration to get us to come there. But it might raise awareness just a bit more.

That reminds me of another small town grand opening several years ago, back when I was a teenager. McDonald’s had come to Savannah, Tennessee, and we happened to be there that weekend. It was a pretty big deal, too. They closed the main street of the town, which happened to be the street that McDonald’s was on. They had a parade down the main street, complete with a marching band and even Ronald McDonald himself! We watched the whole thing from across the street, through the window of the competing fast food restaurant that we were eating at. McDonald’s was still my favorite, but they had a pretty big crowd for opening day.

So yes, new store openings are what us small town folks do for excitement. Doesn’t take much to get us excited, does it?

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