Graffiti Park in Bangkok

Graffiti Park in Bangkok

This small park in Bangkok, Thailand, had walls that were covered with graffiti. The park’s actual name is Chalermla Public Park, and I only remember that because I took a photo of the sign at the gate to the park as we were leaving. I somehow got the feeling that the graffiti was encouraged, or at least not strongly discouraged, but I don’t know that for certain. I didn’t add my own graffiti, though, just to be safe.

We stopped in at the park as we were on an early morning walk through that part of Bangkok. It was a “prayer walk,” and we walked by several nice buildings as well as several shacks made from whatever materials the builders had available, to get an idea of some of the needs of the city and what to pray about in the area. It was another good reminder of how, just like our cities here at home, you can find “good” and “not-so-good” things, often just a few steps from each other.

It also helped us to get an idea of what Gary and Michelle, our missionary hosts, are working with in their work in the area. Which of course was one of the main reasons for the trip in the first place.

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