Good Times at Camp

On Sunday, we dropped Jaylin off at camp for the week. This is his first time to go to camp. I think he was a little nervous about it, but I’m sure he is having a good time. He likes to be around other kids his age, he likes to have fun, and he likes most all of the things they do at camp. We may have trouble getting him to come home at the end of the week.

[caption id=“attachment_1700” align=“aligncenter” width=“700”] Laura and Jaylin stopped for a photo as we were dropping Jaylin off at camp.[/caption]

When I was growing up, our church did its own camp. All of the adults were from our church, and most of the campers were, too. I went for the first time when I was the same age that Jaylin is now, and I loved it.

I loved going to camp so much that I went for ten years in a row, except that I missed one year because of a family vacation. And then the last two years that I went to camp, I was old enough to be a counselor, which was even more fun than being a camper. Even if some of us counselors sometimes got in a little trouble. Who would do a thing like that?

As we were taking Jaylin to camp, I was telling him how much I enjoyed camp. But when I tried to put into words what it was that I liked about it, I couldn’t do it. Just saying, “I liked it because it was fun,” doesn’t quite get the point across, does it?

I enjoyed being with the people that were there. Most all of the adults were cool, although I may not have realized it about all of them at the time. And I may not have realized how much of a sacrifice it was for some of them to take a whole week off of work to lose sleep trying to keep us campers under control.

I also enjoyed being with the people that were my age. We got to know each other better, we got to have lots of fun adventures, we had lots of laughs, and we got to do fun things. And on top of that, it was a church camp, just like the camp Jaylin is at now, so we got to study the Bible and learn more about it as well. Sounds like the perfect summer experience to me.

So if Jaylin is enjoying camp half as much as I did, then he is having a wonderful time.

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