Glasses Make the Man

Last summer, I got a new pair of glasses after having worn the same pair for almost five years. It was about time for a change, I figured. And I wanted something different. So I chose something that is somewhat trendy, yet still relatively simple. Here is what I ended up with:

Since that time, I have heard from a few people that didn’t think the new glasses were all that great. But then I also heard from several who have said that they really like them. Just for reference, here is a photo of me with my old glasses. This comes from our profile page on the Beyond the Berm website, by the way.

As you can see, there is a bit of difference. For one thing, the new glasses apparently change me to black and white. Well, not really. But you can see the new glasses are much more prominent.

I didn’t think there was that much of a difference until a few weeks after I got my new glasses.

Someone who has known me for a while and has been around me quite a bit said to me, “Hey, nice glasses! When did you start wearing glasses?”

“About five years ago,” I said.

“No really, you haven’t worn glasses before now, have you?” She asked.

“Yes I have,” I replied. But I don’t think she believed me.

So apparently the old glasses weren’t nearly as noticeable as the new glasses are.

Hopefully, that isn’t a bad thing. Because it will probably be a while before I change again.

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