Gators and Firemen

One place we like to eat is Firehouse Subs. We eat there often, in fact. So often that they usually know us when we walk in the door at our local Firehouse Subs. And we like to order with the iPhone app so that our food is ready when we get there. Pretty cool.

As we have started visiting other Firehouse Subs restaurants while we are out, I guess I have started collecting photos of the Firehouse Subs murals, which are different in most of the restaurants. I’m sure someone thinks I am strange for getting a picture of it, but hey, they are pretty original.

Take for example this mural:

Hmm, the gators seem to have trapped a fireman wearing red and yellow, while the blue and orange firemen go off to fight the blaze. Where might this be?

If you guessed Gainesville, Florida, near the University of Florida, then you would be right!

You have to wear the right colors in the right places, after all.

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