Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Okay, so that isn’t always a happy day for everyone. Especially those with a fear of the number 13. That is Triskaidekaphobia, for those of you who like big words. Good luck playing that one in Words with Friends!

I have always wondered why people are afraid of 13. It is just a number, after all. Why be afraid of it? Just because there are 13 things, that doesn’t necessarily make them unlucky. There are those buildings that don’t have a 13th floor. Their floors just go from 12 to 14. Of course, you and I know that they do have a 13th floor. Just because it is called the 14th floor doesn’t make it not be the 13th floor. It is just calling it something else. It still is what it is, no matter what it is called. Some people.

You became a teenager when you turned 13. That wasn’t so bad, was it? I guess for some people, it might have been bad. But for me, my teenage years, including my 13th year, were just fine.

If someone gives you $13, would you give them a dollar back, just so you wouldn’t have 13? That would just be silly. Or if you don’t want it, give it to me. A dollar is still good for some things. And they add up.

Personally, I don’t mind 13 at all. Except that I wouldn’t want to have 13 kids. That would be a bit much. Or 13 toes, because that just wouldn’t be right. But 13 of most things wouldn’t be a problem.

So here we are at Friday the 13th. Which isn’t a bad thing. Those Friday the 13th movies are bad, but the day itself isn’t. Unless you let your mind get carried away with things.

Why would Friday the 13th be any worse than Thursday the 13th? Or Saturday the 13th? I would think Monday the 13th would be much worse for some people, because it is both Monday and the 13th. But every month has a 13th day, and they aren’t all bad, are they?

So give Friday the 13th a break. It is just a day like any other day, not necessarily bad, not necessarily good, but just what you make it.

After all, Friday the 13th is still Friday.

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