My Favorite Photos of 2013

Yesterday’s post looked at the top posts from The Adventures of Steve for 2013, based on the number of views that each post received.

Today, we go in a different direction and look at my favorite photos that I posted to the site in 2013. These are based on nothing more than what I like. No page views, no comment numbers, just my whim. I have talked before about how as photographers we really take photos just for us, because you can’t please everyone. So you will probably not like all of the photos that I like here, and that is fine.

Also, because I posted so many photos during the year, I couldn’t come up with just a top 10 list. So here instead are my top 20 favorites of 2013. Click each one to see it larger instead of just looking at the small squinty version found here.

20. Bloody Pond at Shiloh

We enjoy our visits to Shiloh National Military Park, and to me the tone of this photo captures the atmosphere of the battle where so many lives were lost.

19. Laura at Ames Plantation

As you might imagine, I always like photos of my wife Laura. And this simple shot turned out even better than I thought it would.

18. Boardwalk Through the Swamp

On our visit to Florida this summer, we enjoyed visiting the Shingle Creek Regional park, and we especially enjoyed this picturesque boardwalk through the nature area.

17. Our House at Night

For this photo, I was just experimenting to see what all I could do. But I really liked the way it turned out, especially the stars in the sky.

16. Prince Eric’s Castle in Fantasyland

This summer was our first chance to get to see the new additions in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and I found them to be quite photogenic.

15. Spinning on the Teacups

I have seen photos like this before, and I’m sure you have, too. But I really liked how this one of our friends the Riedels turned out.

14. Now Docking at the Grand Floridian

Apparently, I have a thing for boardwalks and wooden boat docks. But I do like this one at the Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World.

13. A Dreamlike Cinderella Castle

Every time we are at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I attempt, either consciously or subconsciously, to get an “iconic” photo of Cinderella Castle. Here is this year’s entry.

12. Nassau Harbor from the Disney Dream

While the Disney Dream was docked in Nassau, I liked this early morning view of the harbor from the upper deck of the ship. We were really high up!

11. Nighttime at the Boat Dock

Another boat dock photo, this time from the Pickwick Landing State Park Inn in Tennessee. We actually made two visits there this year, and both of them were nice.

10. Fall Colors in Tennessee

After thinking we weren’t going to get a very colorful fall in our area, I saw this view and thought it would make a great photo. Turned out just how I wanted it to look.

9. Morning at the Beach

This photo from early in the morning at Cocoa Beach, Florida, to me captures everything that I love about going to the beach.

8. A Girl and Her Horse

Another photo of Laura, this time with our horse Bubba. A perfect portrait of the two of them, if you ask me.

7. Family Portrait with the Disney Dream

I really liked how the colors in this photo turned out. Of course, the people in the photo are good, too!

6. Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

While Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World may be known for its speed slides and wave pool, the “lazy river” known as Castaway Creek is one of our favorite things there.

5. Center Street at Night

For whatever reason, I don’t attempt as many night photos at Walt Disney World as I used to. So when I get one that turns out really well, I am always proud of it. Such as this one.

4. Disney Cruise Fireworks

I always enjoy the fireworks on the Disney Cruises, and this photo to me is a great reminder of how neat they are.

3. Donald and the Girls on the Disney Dream

I really liked the way the Disney Dream lobby looked in this shot. And then add in Laura and one of our best friends, and it is even better.

2. Sunset at Cocoa Beach

This was one of those unplanned moments where we were driving along and said, “That would make a great photo!” So we stopped the car, and this is what we ended up with.

1. A Great Day at Castaway Cay

It was practically a tie between the first and second place photos here, but this one of the Disney Dream off in the distance at Castaway Cay ended up in the top spot. A great view of a great day.

So there you have my favorites for 2013. What will 2014 bring? Keep watching The Adventures of Steve to find out!

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