Fantasyland is Stroller Land

Fantasyland is Stroller Land in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Strollers are parked in Fantasyland near Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

If you find yourself in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, you will find yourself among strollers. It is a given fact. Because the strollers are everywhere. I’m sure it is because Fantasyland has a greater concentration of attractions that younger children enjoy. But there sure do seem to be a lot of them.

I really don’t remember there being large stroller parking areas when I was visiting the Magic Kingdom in the 1980s. It doesn’t seem like there were quite that many strollers there back then, although my memories could be off. There is a good bit of open space behind Cinderella Castle in Fantasyland, but I’m not sure that using it as a stroller parking area was the intent of the original designers.

But then my biggest complaint about strollers is getting hit in the back of the ankles with them at night when we are in a huge crowd making our way out of the park. A little space, please!

For the record, we never did use a stroller during Jaylin’s younger days. Either he walked on his own or we carried him. I’m sure a stroller is nice to carry the stuff that you bring with you, but then you have to keep up with the stroller, too.

Either way, it looks like the strollers aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

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Camera: Canon EOS 60D
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