Fantastic Friday!

It’s Friday! Or at least it was when this was first posted. If it isn’t Friday there where you are, just sit and wait for a few days and then start over at the top.

The world gets so excited about Fridays. At least I guess the whole world does. I know the United States does, and I would guess that there are some other countries out there that get excited about it, too.

And why are we all excited about Friday? Because it is the day before Saturday! Actually, even more than that, because it is the end of the work week. At least for those of us who work Monday through Friday and then have Saturday and Sunday off. Do those who work non-standard hours get excited about Fridays? Probably not. But I would guess that they get just as excited about whatever the last day of work is before being off for a couple of days. It is only natural, after all.

Fridays mean high school football games in the fall. New movies starting at the movie theater, unless it is the week of Thanksgiving when they start on Wednesday. Casual day at work, if you have one of those jobs where you have to dress up a bit. Going out to eat supper after a long week of work. Going home and not doing much of anything. Staying up late watching a movie because you don’t have to get up early the next day. Friday used to mean the Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas. One of them I watched, the other I didn’t watch very much. But those were the old days. Now Fridays mean, um, whatever comes on television on Friday nights, I guess. I am usually either not watching anything or catching up on the shows the DVR caught for us during the week.

What if we swapped Thursday and Friday? Would Friday be as exciting then? Probably not, because we would still have to come to work on Thursday, which would be the new Friday. That would get a little confusing, wouldn’t it? Still, it might be worth it, at least for a while, to give Thursday just a bit of recognition. Thursday often feels bad being known as “The Day Before Friday.” Or “The Day Named for Thor.” Thursday needs some love, too.

But anyway, unless we adopt some strange new calendar, or change the definition of the work week, Friday will always be looked forward to, anticipated, enjoyed, talked about, planned for, and missed when it is gone.

You only get one Friday a week - enjoy it!

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