Fall Trees at the Office

It seems that I have posted several photos of fall trees this year. But then it seems that our fall trees have had more interesting, and longer-lasting, colors in them than usual. I’m not complaining about that at all.

Here is a look at a few of the trees that surround our office parking lot. I remember when they were planted new, some of them 18 years ago when we first moved in, and some of them more recent than that. It takes some patience sometimes, but it is always fun to watch a tree grow and mature. Rather like children. Except that trees don’t talk back. They just drop limbs. Not sure which is better, actually.

I like how these trees above are each different colors. If they were just in a different order, they could represent a sideways traffic signal. Or maybe I spend too much time looking out the window.

I really like the yellow of this tree. I especially like how it seems to glow when the sun hits the leaves. Almost like it has a light source of its own inside it. And I like the way it leaves all those neat yellow leaves on the ground. Not everyone can wear yellow, but this tree does it well.

Happy Fall!

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