Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived! And you know what that means, as our favorite yet unnamed tiki guy is finding out.

You may remember our tiki guy from this drawing or from the header graphic at the top. Just thought I would remind you if you didn’t remember him, though. I have a feeling you will be seeing him around here more and more.

Pumpkin spice whatever really doesn’t affect me all that much. I mainly just drink water, orange juice, and Coke. So unless Coca-Cola comes out with a pumpkin spice Coke version, I will be just fine. But pumpkin spice also starts turning up in hand soaps, snack cakes, sock drawer deodorizers, shampoo, deodorant, a new variety of cats, and so on. Okay, maybe not those last few. Yet. But I don’t doubt it will be there soon.

So if pumpkin spice is your kind of thing, enjoy it! And if it isn’t your thing, then Christmas will be here soon. Unless the pumpkins take it over, too.

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