Engine No. 1 Walter E. Disney

Engine No. 1 Walter E. Disney of the Walt Disney World Railroad emerges from the tunnel through Splash Mountain to arrive at Frontierland Station in the Magic Kingdom.

There is always something exciting about the arrival of a train in the station. Before that time, everyone is just standing around casually. But then you hear the whistle blow, and the announcements over the PA system in the station note the arrival of a train. As the train draws near, you can hear the bell ringing, followed by the steam hissing, and then the whole station starts to rumble as the large mechanical marvel makes its arrival known. People begin moving all around, passengers toward the gates which will soon open, conductors to their places to unload and load the train. 

After a few minutes have passed, the whistle blows, and the train leaves the station. Slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. And then, the atmosphere in the station returns to its calm, almost lazy feeling of before. That is, until it starts all over again.

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