The Electrical Water Pageant at Walt Disney World

The Electrical Water Pageant at Walt Disney World

The Stars and Stripes, along with some stars, reflect in the water of Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World as part of the Electrical Water Pageant.

On our recent Florida trip, we planned an evening to go see the Electrical Water Pageant, which has been part of Walt Disney World from the very early days of the resort. But seeing the Electrical Water Pageant wasn’t in our original plans. Probably because we hadn’t really made any plans before we went on our trip.

One evening, as we were out walking on the Walk Around the World, we were at the end of the walk near the canal that runs from Seven Seas Lagoon to the backstage Magic Kingdom area and then on to the Rivers of America inside the park. That canal just happens to be where they store the Electrical Water Pageant floats. As we were turning around to walk back the other way, we suddenly heard some music, and we soon realized that it was the music from the water pageant floats. They were running through their nightly test to make sure everything worked right before taking their show on the road. Or the water. We waited a bit to see if the floats were going to float by, but it was still too early. So we went on our way.

But we realized that Jaylin had never seen the Electrical Water Pageant, so we decided to set aside an evening to watch it from the beach of the Polynesian Resort. It turned out to be a rainy evening, although the rain had pretty much ended by the time the show started. Still, the rain had kept a lot of people away, especially because it had canceled the nightly movie shown on an inflatable screen on the Polynesian beach. So there weren’t many of us out there to watch the show. Which was fine. That way, I didn’t have to worry about setting up my tripod only to have someone come and stand in front of it.

The Electrical Water Pageant at Walt Disney World

For me, watching the Electrical Water Pageant brought back lots of memories of watching it from the beach over at the Fort Wilderness Campground in the 1980s. Every night of our stays at the campground when we weren’t inside one of the parks, I would make the trek down to the beach to watch the Electrical Water Pageant, immediately followed by the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Usually, other family members would accompany me, but sometimes I just went by myself when others didn’t want to go.

The only downside is that now the music has been “updated” to include selections from The Little Mermaid and other things, replacing much of that old music that I loved. But aside from that, the show is still as fun as it ever was. Nothing big and spectacular, necessarily, but a fun thing to see out across the water at night.

And if you are wondering, the patriotic lights do still come at the end of the show and not at the beginning. I just put that photo first since this was originally posted on July 4, Independence Day.

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