Donald and the Girls on the Disney Dream

Donald and the Girls on the Disney Dream

Laura and Karen stop for a photo with their favorite duck Donald, or at least with Donald’s statue in his admiral uniform, in the Atrium Lobby of the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream. And they are all smiles, too.

This was one of those quick, unplanned photos, which are often the best ones of the trip. Most of the time we were in the lobby, there was a cruise photographer taking photos of people by Donald’s statue, and there was usually a pretty good line of people waiting to have their photo taken.

But on this particular day, which was our day at sea, it was getting close to lunch time, so we were guessing that everyone was either at the pools or eating lunch. Wherever they were, they weren’t in the Atrium Lobby, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Actually, there were also the two people at the top of the stairs, but maybe you wouldn’t have noticed them if I hadn’t mentioned them to you. So there were a few others around, but not like the crowds that seem to gather in the evening and night hours.

Who needs a cruise photographer when I can take a photo of our own?

About the photo:
A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm

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