Disney Dream Pool Deck

The tubes of the AquaDuck “water coaster” wrap around the Donald and Mickey pools on the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream cruise ship, as seen on our recent Disney Cruise. This would be Deck 11 on the Disney Dream, as seen from Deck 12. I was actually standing right beside the large FunnelVision television screen if you are wondering.

If you notice, there aren’t even many people in the pools, and there is virtually no one in line for the AquaDuck. If you have been on any of the cruises before, you probably know how rare this sight is. This photo was actually from early in the morning, with “early” being relative. It was around 9:00 AM, but this was on our day at sea and lots of people apparently slept in after being out late for the Pirate Night deck party the night before. Maybe we should have skipped breakfast and taken advantage of the small crowds. But no, food comes first for us.

You really can’t see it in much detail in this photo, but if you look at the stairs right under the AquaDuck sign, there was some filming going on.

I had no clue as to who it was, but the Riedel kids recognized him as Kamil McFadden from the Disney Channel show “K.C. Undercover.” I haven’t ever watched that show so that probably contributed some to my lack of recognition. He appeared to be dressed up in a ship officer’s uniform of some sort, and we guessed that he was filming one of those short bits that they show in between the Disney Channel shows.

So who knows - maybe one of these days you can see me way off in the distance of a brief shot on the Disney Channel. That just might be the break I need to get into show business!

I also did have another brush with fame later on, as I held the door for someone as I was going in and he was coming out. And then after that, the Riedels informed me that he was the same kid they were filming earlier. So once again, I didn’t recognize him. But then he didn’t recognize me as being from Burnsland.com, either. Oh well. That’s life on the Burnsland World Tour.

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