The Disney Dream Lobby

The Disney Dream Lobby

The Atrium Lobby is the central area of the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream ship. The lobby is the first part of the ship that passengers see, and it is used to host various functions and character greetings. At different times during the day, live entertainment can be found by such performers as a grand piano player or a singing duo.

The grand piano is to the right, in front of the entrance to the Royal Palace restaurant underneath the balcony. Just to the left of the piano is the statue of Admiral Donald Duck.

The Atrium Lobby of the Disney Dream really is a grand place, as you can see here, a good bit larger than the lobby of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. And in this view looking down from above, it looks almost like an abstract painting of sorts. There wasn’t much going on at the time of this photo, as most people were apparently out at the pools enjoying the nice weather. The grand piano was covered, and there weren’t any entertainment or character greetings going on at the time. But don’t be fooled - this nice, quiet corner of the ship can fill up with people pretty quickly if something is going on.

Personally, while I enjoyed the piano player, I could have done without the singing duo. They were just a bit much for my tastes. But apparently I don’t know everything, because they always seemed to draw a crowd when they were out doing their thing. That just goes to show that the Disney Cruises have something for everyone, I guess.

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