Difficult Days

Some Days are Hard

Sunset at the end of a difficult day

We have recently had some difficult days due to a tragedy in our church family. Loss is never easy, but it is even harder when it is sudden and unexpected. We have all been working through the issues as a church family. It is not what you would consider the best of times, but at the same time we are definitely growing closer to each other and hopefully closer to God.

Last Thursday was one of the most difficult days that I can remember. There was the situation itself. There were many unanswered questions. And we knew that many of those questions would never be answered. There was the constant questions around what can we do and what should we do next.

That evening at home, I walked out on the front porch of our house. Once there, I was met with the most amazing sunset. In many ways, it felt completely inappropriate for the day that we had just experienced. How could you enjoy looking at something as beautiful as that on that day?

However, after thinking about it, I realized that to me it was a sign that God is still in control. He is still the one running the show. He did not make that bad thing happen, but he can still make good things happen, even in the wake of that bad situation. He is still there and still mindful of our needs. And through it all, the biggest thing we need is him.

Because of that, we continue to move on, to press forward with our goal of serving our great God, who loves us, who cares for us, and who hurts with us. He will get us through it and on to good things.

Bright Spots

Even in the middle of some difficult days, we were blessed with some bright spots to help us out. We had already planned to go to the Memphis Redbirds baseball game on Saturday night, and for a special reason.

A group from Harding Academy sings the National Anthem at a Memphis Redbirds baseball game.

A group from Harding Academy was scheduled to sing the National Anthem at that night’s baseball game. And if you look closely, you can see Jaylin in the group. How cool is that?

Jaylin in the group singing the National Anthem at a Memphis Redbirds game.

If you can’t see Jaylin in the far-away group photo, here he is on the big screen. Even more cool! There were some others in the crowd from our church who were there separate from us and recognized Jaylin on the big screen, too.

Redbirds Caps at the baseball game

Because we were there with the Harding group for the night, our tickets included Redbirds baseball caps. Who can say no to that?

Redbirds Caps at the baseball game

Our friend Kaitlyn joined us for a photo as well, since her family was there with us. Don’t you just love how we all match?

Redbirds Caps at the baseball game

Later on in the evening, Jaylin did the cool thing of putting his cap on backwards. So Laura wanted to be cool, too, by wearing her cap backwards like Jaylin was doing. I don’t think Jaylin thought it was that cool.

After the previous few days, it was great to get together with friends and family and enjoy a baseball game. Our team may have lost, but we had a great time just talking and laughing. It was a good time of healing. Even at a baseball game.

After all, that is what church family is for.

Bible Verse

But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord, because he has dealt bountifully with me. - Psalm 13:5-6

About the Photos

These are all just quick photos with my iPhone. Even the sunset photo. Sometimes, simpler is better.

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