Did You Forget About Mother?

Mother’s Day is coming up very soon. Do you want to know how I know this? It isn’t necessarily because I am an exceptional son or husband. It isn’t because of some great super power that I have, although “Remembering Holidays Man” might be a good addition to the Avengers team. It isn’t even because of my excellent ability at reading a calendar.

No, I know Mother’s Day is coming because of the constant reminders I have been getting through email, as well as on television commercials. It seems that every company in America is sending out email reminders about Mother’s Day. And oh, by the way, your mom might like what they have to offer, too. Here are just a few I have seen:

Your mom might like some of our jewelry. Well yes, she probably would. But because you sent me the email four days before Mother’s Day, I wouldn’t like to pay for the second day shipping fee.

Your mom might like some of our western wear. Maybe. But is a new pair of boots a good Mother’s Day gift?

Your mom might like some of our do-it-yourself products. Because I want to give my mom something that says, “Get to work!” As if raising us kids wasn’t enough work to begin with.

Your mom might like some of our outdoor gear. I’m thinking not.

Your mom might like a wireless networking card. Because nothing says love like wireless networking.

Your mom might like a new car.  Yes, she probably would. But if so, then my mom should have had a more financially gifted child.

I’m starting to think that none of these places really knows me. Or my mom. But at least I won’t forget about Mother’s Day.