Did We Forget Anything?

When we are loading up the car to go on a trip, I always have the feeling that we are forgetting something as we are pulling away from the house. And as it turns out, we usually have forgotten something or other.

But for the record, we never have forgotten Jaylin! How could you do that? This is completely a fictionalization! Just to set the record straight. I don’t want Human Services coming after us just because of a silly cartoon. Maybe if you had something like fifteen kids, I could see how you might leave one behind. But if there is only one, I just can’t imagine that happening. And if we did, we would notice it pretty quickly, because the silence from the back seat would be deafening.

No, the things that we have forgotten have usually only been something small that we could buy at the store along the way or when we got there. Fortunately, we haven’t forgotten any big items. Yet.

If you are wondering about the drawing, here’s how I did it: I first drew the sketch on paper (Remember paper? I think it comes from trees!) with a pencil (From trees, too, I think!). Once I had the sketch like I wanted it, I scanned it into the computer and “inked” and “painted” it, digitally, of course. But I left a bit of the original sketch showing, too, because I like that “rough” look sometimes.

Not too bad for a first effort, but I think I need to refine my style just a bit. I’m learning as I go.

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. - Psalm 127:3

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