Daily Photo: Outside the World of Disney

Outside the World of Disney store in Walt Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World would not be complete for us without a visit to the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney. Although sometimes because of its size, the store can almost be overwhelming, especially if there are lots of people in there.

On our December trip when we were with our friends, we had trouble keeping our whole group together. In fact, we eventually gave up and met back up after we were finished with our shopping. That says a lot about the popularity of the place.

But actually, on this trip, we really didn’t find much in there that we hadn’t already seen in other shops at the hotels and the other Downtown Disney shops. So we actually walked out without buying anything. It seemed a little strange, but it was nice to be able to avoid the cash register lines.

About the Photo

Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in PaintShop Pro. Read more about the photo software I use and my camera gear.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Rokinon 8mm
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter speeds: 1/1000, 1/4000, 1/250
Focal length: 8mm