Daily Photo: Italy in Epcot

Italy in Epcot at Walt Disney World

In honor of Epcot’s 30th anniversary, here is a view from Italy in Epcot, one of the countries represented in World Showcase, seen here in the late afternoon.

When I was younger, World Showcase didn’t hold my attention for all that long. I did enjoy El Rio del Tiempo in Mexico, and of course the American Adventure was one of the greatest, most technologically interesting attractions they ever created. And I didn’t mind seeing the CircleVision films in China and Canada. I even saw the movie in France once or twice.

But besides those few exceptions, World Showcase wasn’t all that interesting. Why didn’t all those countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom have rides? Or at least something to see besides shops and restaurants?

But as I got older, I learned to appreciate what World Showcase was really about. It wasn’t necessarily about rides and shows. Instead, it was about the experiences in the different countries. It was about their culture, their art, their architecture, and even their people.

As time went on, one of my favorite World Showcase countries to photograph was Italy. It offered so many great views. And I am always particularly fond of views such as this one that show Spaceship Earth off in the distance, a subtle reminder that you aren’t actually in Italy after all.

About the shot:
A single RAW exposure, processed in Adobe Lightroom. Read more about the photo software and gear I use at the camera gear page.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm