Daily Photo: In the Contemporary

Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

In the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, the Grand Canyon Concourse is an amazingly huge area. The concourse is the home to several shops, a restaurant, and even the hotel’s Monorail station. Not to mention the large tile mural designed by Disney artist Mary Blair on the sides of the elevator shaft.

The concourse is so large that it is difficult to get it into a photo that really shows the size of the area. However, I think that this shot, captured with a fisheye lens, does a pretty good job of conveying just how large and open the space is.

It is interesting to me to go inside the Fantasia shop, at the left of this photo, and look up to realize that there is no roof over the shop, except for the hotel ceiling that is several stories above you.

I can definitely see why they named it after the Grand Canyon!

About the shot:
Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in PaintShop Pro. Read more about the photo software I use and my camera gear.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Rokinon 8mm
ISO: 1600
Aperture: f/9
Shutter speeds: 1/20, 1/80, 1/5
Focal length: 8mm

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