Daily Photo: Holiday Wishes

I always enjoy seeing the Holiday Wishes fireworks show at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Well, okay - I always enjoy seeing any fireworks show there. On this trip, we didn’t spend a lot of time staking out our spot, figuring we would just get what we could find. But with just a couple of minutes to go before the castle projection show “The Magic, the Memories, and You” that precedes the fireworks, we found a spot fairly close to Cinderella Castle. And even better than that, everyone in front of us was sitting down. Evidently, they had been there for the Main Street Electrical Parade as well, and just stayed around.

Hoping that they wouldn’t decide to stand up once the shows started, I pulled out my tripod and set it up for some shots. And as it turns out, they all stayed sitting down, as you can see here. You can also see several cell phones out getting shots of the show as well. Technology sure has changed things, hasn’t it?

Holiday Wishes fireworks in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

About the shot:
Nothing really fancy here as far as the processing goes - no HDR stuff. Just some adjustments to the levels and some noise reduction in GIMP. This was a long exposure - 13 seconds. I had the ISO set to 800, and the aperture set to f/25. Seemed to work rather well for me.

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