Daily Photo: Grand Floridian Christmas

On this trip to Walt Disney World, we took some time to see some of the hotel Christmas decorations, which we hadn’t done in the past. The Grand Floridian had a grand Christmas tree in the lobby, along with a real gingerbread house. We had just eaten, so no one was really hungry for any of the treats being sold from the gingerbread house, though. Still, I was glad we took the time to stop by and look around.

Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World at Christmas

About the shot:
This was an HDR from a single RAW file, tonemapped in Photomatix, and finished up in GIMP. Instead of getting out the tripod for this one, I had just balanced the camera on the railing, which worked okay. And I am very thankful to the PhotoPass photographer for using his flash on Mickey and Minnie while my shutter was open, making them stand out just a bit. Couldn’t have planned it better.