Daily Photo: Fantasyland

People make their way through Fantasyland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on a sunny day. If you are wondering, this is the “old” part of Fantasyland that won’t be affected all that much by the Fantasyland expansion currently underway.

For some reason, I like shots like this of people going through the parks, doing whatever they do. Shots without people are sometimes nice, but people add a different dimension to things.

Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

About the shot:
This shot looks like it was well composed, with the carousel as the focal point between the buildings on the right and left. But really, it was just a quick shot without much thought put into it. I like it when things work out like that! Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) tonemapped in Photomatix, edited with Nik color filters in PaintShop Pro.