Daily Photo: Colorful Beach View

This is the time of year that I start thinking about the beach again. Okay, so really I think about the beach all year long. But this is the time when it looks like a beach trip might actually be a possibility. So then I start going through some of my beach photos, because I am thinking about the beach.

This colorful view from Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach, Florida, doesn’t help my “I’m ready to go back” condition any. Unless making me want to go back is helping my condition. Not that I needed any help with that.

Cocoa Beach in Florida

About the shot:
I may have bumped up the color saturation just a bit, but it really was a colorful view to begin with. Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in PaintShop Pro. Read more about the photo software I use.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm