Daily Photo: Another Tennessee Sunset

Okay, so by now you are probably getting tired of sunset photos, because I have posted a couple already from our front porch, which is where this one was taken as well. But I was trying out some new things while the sun was setting, so it made for a perfect photo subject.

And besides, every sunset looks different, even if it is from the same location. Even the same sunset looks different a few minutes later, so sunset photos are sometimes endless, aren’t they?

About the shot:
Three exposures (-2, 0, +2) tonemapped in Photomatix, edited in PaintShop Pro. Read more about the photo software I use and my camera gear.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Lens: Rokinon 8mm
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/8
Shutter speeds: 1/1250, 1/5000, 1/320
Focal length: 8mm