Daily Photo: All-Star Music

We had a great pre-Christmas trip to Walt Disney World. Lots of fun, as you would imagine. I am just starting to go through my pictures now. Lots and lots, and probably some I have even forgotten about taking. For me, photos that I took are often the best souvenirs of our trips.

For this trip, we stayed in the All-Star Music Resort. We hadn’t been there in a while, and I thought it had several good photo opportunities. This was taken on the night that we arrived. We were in the Broadway section, so I got a few shots as we were going back to our room after eating at the hotel’s food court. And if you look closely, you can see our friend Karen also taking pictures near the middle of the frame.

Broadway building at the All-Star Music Resort at Walt Disney World

About the shot:
Because we had some time, I set up the tripod for several series of shots. This turned out to be my favorite composition, although I liked several of the others, too. Three exposures here, -2, 0, +2. Tonemapped and merged in Photomatix, and then edited in GIMP.